Moss Aquamarine and Diamond Necklace with 14 Karat Gold


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This necklace is a stunner. It features a Moss Aquamarine, wrapped with diamond cubes at the top, all in 14KY Gold. This is a unique necklace for a unique woman!
  • 14KY Gold
  • Moss Aquamarine
  • Raw Diamond Cubes
  • 16" Long

About the Artist:

Dana Kellin was founded in Los Angeles by the company's namesake and her partner Elizabeth Kellin. Using an age-old wire-wrapping technique reminiscent of Victorian filigree, Dana Kellin took wire and stones and created something extraordinary. Where others dabbled, Dana Kellin excelled with artistry and attention to detail.

Dana's intricate and original method of wire-wrapping; a technique that requires years of training, has only been perfected by a select group of in-house artisans. Time-consuming and painstakingly precise, it is more like a labor of love than a craft. The complex manufacturing process shows in the exceptional quality of the jewelry. The pieces are made to last and are coveted as keepsakes.

The collection is a striking mix of earthiness and glamour. Modern, stylish, wearable, refined, timeless, sexy, and sophisticated are a few more of the adjectives commonly used to describe Dana Kellin jewelry. But perhaps the most defining quality is its uniqueness. Quite simply, there's nothing like it.


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